MAL 10

IP67 wall washer inground recessed fixtures of the highest manufacturing quality with COB LEDs, extremely compact and high light output. Fully anodized aluminium body, versions with front in vehicle-proof AISI 316L stainless steel or in anodized, walkable powder-coated aluminium. Extra-clear tempered glass, ATEX cable gland, neoprene cable. Revolutionary in dissipative, functional design, it offers the possibility to combine colour temperatures and beam angles in CRI85 and CRI93 versions. Can be equipped with an anti-glare filter for maximum visual comfort.
  • F975


  • X
    color temperature272700K303000K353500K404000KDWDim Warm @ 420mA
  • X
  • X
    FinishingGgreyNblackKCOR*ZINOX AISI 316L
  • CSDS20

    Recessing box

  • CSDS20-RAB

    Recessing box + RAB Housing

  • Phase
    FLEXA-12-500-CC-ELV_10W12W 500mA Constant CurrentRemote locatedDimming range: 10%Min.1/Max.1 Fixtures per Driver
    FLEXA-23-500-CC-ELV_10W23W 500mA Constant CurrentRemote locatedDimming range: 10%Min.2/Max.2 Fixtures per Driver
  • 0-10V
    FLEXA-60-PRO-CC-10V_10WProgrammable 60W CC 0-10V DimmingRemote locatedDimming range: 0.1%Min.1/Max.3 Fixtures per Driver
  • Lutron Ecosystem
    LDE.1_10WHi-Lume Ecosystem500mA Constant CurrentDimming range: 1%Min.1/Max.1 Fixtures per Driver
    LDE.2_10WHi-Lume Ecosystem Premier500mA Constant CurrentDimming range: 1%Min.2/Max.2 Fixtures per Driver
  • Lutron 2-Wire Phase
    LTEA.2_10WHi-Lume 2-Wire Phase / 500mA Constant CurrentRemote locatedDimming range: 1%Min.1/Max.2 Fixtures per Driver
    LTEA.3_10WHi-Lume 2-Wire Phase500mA Constant CurrentDimming range: 1%Min.2/Max.3 Fixtures per Driver