About us

We innovate in the world of LED lighting
We imagined a new concept of quality, creating something utterly new for the professional LED lighting market: the very best light quality, with the highest Colour Rendering Index, the best energy efficiency, and a long-lasting colour constancy no other brand can match. We interpreted its design as the perfect combination of form and function, outlining new solutions for architecture and landscape.

Our value
People whose commitment and dedication can bring an innovative manufacturing project to fruition: this is our most genuine asset. Founded in 2010 by Roberto Mantovani, a designer with experience in product and lighting design, Flexalighting has grown over time, enriched by staff who are attentive, intelligent and open to new challenges. Our human resources have enabled us to develop a wide range of LED lighting devices for interiors and exteriors, all entirely Made in Italy, for applications ranging from residential to retail, hospitality and service areas. Products in which meticulous attention to reliability and optical and structural quality is translated into high-level lighting solutions that can innovate in the world of professional lighting.

Minimise dimensions, maximise performance
Flexalighting arose from LED technology, and the aim is to fully exploit its most important and exclusive properties: efficiency, durability, but above all, dimensions. One of the most obvious things about an LED: it's tiny. And this has opened up new possibilities for product research; we want to build light into architecture, we want to reduce the compositional impact of lighting devices. When all is said and done, we want to offer light in its purest form.

Italian Design for North America

Italian culture bears an influence on food, fashion, and design all around the world. Flexalighting North America adopts the sophistication of Italian designs and heritage, and tailors them for the North American market. Utilizing local tradespeople, artisans, and fabricators allows us to produce lighting products that adhere to our supreme quality standards. The relationships we cultivate locally liberate us to adapt our product line to application specific and custom requirements while conforming to local building codes.

Flexalighting North America provides the best of both worlds to specifiers in the North American market, and allows us to evolve with this market in mind. With a diverse offering that encompasses recessed down lighting, surface mount, steplighting, landscape lighting, linear systems, and track lighting, Flexalighting North America creates unique solutions for any application.