Copenhagen, July 2016
Lighting design: Ellis&Ellis
Text and pictures: Ellis&Ellis

In one of the oldest areas of Copenhagen called Holmen the military had a large closed off area for many years which has completely changed since it was opened to the public. Today the area is vibrant and full of interesting mixed public and private initiatives such as the architect school, design school and danish fashion brands. Mastehusene is the famous red wooden buildings occupied by creative companies and one of our clients NN07 just moved into 1000 sqm with their beautiful simple yet detailed quality clothing.
With respect for the hundreds of years old buildings EllisEllis did a lighting design that was as anonymous as possible with the newest technology and most functional layout without making too much noise in such a beautiful setting. Using track projector spots with different beam angles and kelvin degrees we achieved the perfect result dividing areas into zones such as open office, showroom, sales areas and employee areas ranging from 2700K to 4000K and 23dg-52dg beams. All tracks and projector spots are elevated above the old wooden beams that carry the whole structure of the building to make them almost invisible in the interior and architecture. A perfect result.

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